Beauty Hack: 1 Product, 5 Ways

Who doesn't love a good beauty hack?! I know I do! That's why today I will be sharing one of my favorite beauty hacks. Now this beauty hack is revolved around maximizing that one favorite product we all have! Mine happens to be the Lorac Tantalizer Face and Body Bronzer! But if you ladies do not have this exact product, don't worry, just grab one of your favorite gold, champagne, or pearly pink eye shadows or highlighters! That should do the trick! Even though my product is a bronzer, for this beauty hack I will not be using it for that purpose. And here's how...

Apply product:

1.  To the highest point of your cheekbones. #GlowLife

2. To inner corners of your eye to make them POP!

3. All over eyelids.

4. On cupid's bow to enhance lips. 

5. In the centers of your top and bottom lips for a fuller looking lip!  

There you have it, one product, used five different ways! xoxo