Honeymoon: Bangkok

A six hour flight, a surprise fondant cake on board, and a layover later, we arrived to our next destination... BANGKOK!! Since we landed pretty late at night, we headed straight to the hotel.  After checking into our room at Sofitel So Bangkok, we stayed in the Sofitel So Earth Element Suite! One of the things that intrigued me about the hotel was the themed rooms, hence the name of our room. The Earth Element Suite had a gorgeous panoramic view of downtown Bangkok and Lumpini Park. The perfect location to be at! To top it off, the room had a walk in closet for all of our stuff, a girl's dream come true! Let's just say we were kind of obsessed with our suite! 

During our four day stay in Bangkok, our goal was to explore the city to its fullest! While we had a variety of options to choose from, we managed to squeeze in the things we wanted to do the most! Bangkok reminded me a lot of New York City with tall skyscrapers, plethora of people, endless shopping and the best part, delicious street food! Bangkok quickly became one of our favorite places! Out of all the markets in the city, Pratunam Market, the largest clothing market in Thailand, was my shopping heaven! If it wasn't for my hubby, I literally would have spent the whole day there. Towards the end of our trip, we wished we had more time in Bangkok because there was so much to do! But no worries, we shall be back!

Our delicious "Welcome Drink"! 

Can't complain walking up to this amazing view!


A closer look at this view of Downtown Bangkok! 

The perfect spot to catch the sunset! #bathtubgoals

How cute is this lobby?!

Loved the details!

Ventured off into Lumpini Park...a park of endless activities! By far one of the coolest parks I have ever been to! You had the option to bike ride, jog/run/walk trails, workout with an outdoor gym, picnic by the lake, paddle boat in the lake, roam through historic buildings, and the list goes on!  

Hail a "Tuk Tuk"...These reminded me of rickshaws in India but super sized!

Walked into a salon and... *Chop Chop*. #newme

Next stop...Golden Buddha Temple! 

I loved this temple! Such a beauty from the architectural designs down the to inspirational writings under the Buddha's.  

"Count your blessings"! Money is exchanged for these coins as blessings and as you prayed, you walked down the line dropping a coin into each bowl. 

The world's largest gold seated Buddha measuring nearly five meters in height and weighting five and a half tons! 

A beautiful maze!

What's a vacation without a dip in the pool!

On top of the world... in a pool!

Another historic place we visited was called "The Bridge Over The River Kwai ( World War II)". There happens to be a movie named after the bridge and its history! I got lucky with this shot because right after I was done taking it, the railroad was filled with people! And the shocking part is that there's a train that still runs on this railroad every day! 

Greetings from The Tiger Temple. How cute is this baby tiger!! His name was Thunder. 

Don't be fooled by that smile, I was scared shitless!


Just feeding the tiger some milk. #nobigdeal

Then it was bae's turn!

My elephant was so sweet while my hubby's elephant, on the other hand, was with the rambunctious one. The picture says it all!

We were having too much fun!

This was such an amazing experience! I'm so glad I was able to experience it with my husband. This is something we will never forget! Another check off the bucket-list.


Honeymoon: Maldives

After our ROHYAL (Rohan + Payal) wedding, my hubby and I set off to our first honeymoon location! The MALDIVES, a bucketlist destination! There are so many islands within the Maldives and most of the islands are resorts. We decided to stay at Gili Lankanfushi, rated Travelers' Choice 2015 Winner on TripAdvisor! And after our stay, I can see why! The resort was exactly what we were looking for in our honeymoon experience. We had such an amazing time that we are already planning our return trip. It was the perfect place to start off our lifelong adventure together!  

How cute is the entrance to our over water villa!

A delicious welcome... CAKE, CAKE, CAKE!

Being jet-lagged isn't always a bad thing! #sunriseinmaldives

First official day in the Maldives and anxious to explore the island!  

Every Morning: Breakfast Galore

When at Gili, no news, no shoes! 

Island Roads!

I loved being able to ride a bike throughout the island, it made me feel like a big kid! And not to mention it required no walking. #besttransportation

The pool overlooking the beach… for times when you don't feel like swimming with the fishes!

The perfect place to enjoy the scenery, relax, and soak in paradise! 


Screen Saver Status!  

I'm ready to relax, "here carry everything!". Spa here I come!  

 In-Room-Dining! The food overall was BOMB, everything was imported from all around the world. That only means one thing...time to pig out! 

First time snorkeling and that too with sharks and stingrays! #nobigdeal

Be ready to find hermit crabs everywhere! And I mean...EVERYWHERE!

One of the coolest Underground Gourmet Cellars! 

Wine Tasting *gulp gulp*

Loved the way the wines were stored!

What good is wine without swiss chocolates! #chocolatewasted

Our favorite wine turned out to be a Riesling called "Honeymoon". What were the odds!

Husband & Wife

I lead, you follow! JK, let's walk together! 

Dolphin Watch!

Majestic spinner dolphins

Off we go on our dhoni...

A romantic ride into the sunset! 


Our awesome Ms.Friday (aka Butler) Niki. She was the best, she made our stay in the Maldives a trip to remember!